We use the broad term 'surfacing' as 'road surfacing' is not adequate to encompass all of the options available. Along with highways, streets and roads, we surface sports courts, driveways, footpaths, carparks and yards. We understand that the world is changing quickly and if what you need is not included here, get in touch with us, for we have the versatility, knowledge, experience and innovation to surface any area.

We offer two types of surface treatment; asphaltic concrete and bitumen spray sealing.

Asphaltic Concrete

Asphaltic concrete or hotmix as it is more commonly known, is a durable and flexible surfacing treatment that has a smooth finish. Its durability and flexibility make it suitable for highly trafficked roads where it needs to endure stress and heavy weight.

Asphalts smooth finish makes it suitable even for sports courts and its aesthetic appeal, along with its other qualities, has lead to asphalt becoming the preferred choice for driveways.

Bitumen Spray Sealing

Bitumen spray surfacing is the most common and most economical surface treatment used in Australia. Bitumen is a waterproof surface that is flexible and versatile.

A bitumen seal consists of aggregate, available in different sizes, and a bituminous binder that binds the aggregate to the surface. This can be done on a newly constructed base or as a 'reseal', without having to remove any existing road or pavement.

A bitumen seal is traffic ready immediately after its laid.


Profiling (or Milling) is the process of removing part or all of the surface of a paved area. Profiling is considerably precise, removing anywhere from just enough thickness to level and smooth the surface, to a full depth removal.

There are many reasons for profiling, the main ones being:

  • To remove an older surface that is to be renewed
  • Recycling
  • Shaping of surface
  • Removal of damaged surface

The removed surface is ground up and used as aggregate in new pavement. For asphalt surfaces, the removed material is called reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), which can be recycled by combining with new aggregate and binder, or with a recycling agent.

We offer a large range of machines to cater for all profiling requirements - this range allows us to profile any site at any depth.


At Patches Asphalt we adopt a "no job is too big or to small" approach to our business. Road and driveway maintenance is how our company commenced operating, and still remains an important part of our overall business structure.

Asphalt and bitumen surfaces will eventually show signs of deterioration through constant traffic movements, weather, effects of water and oxidation. As the surface cracks and breaks up, this will, in time, necessitate maintenance.

Before any quotes are carried out, an experienced person will assess the damage and provide options for the best surface treatment.

  • Remove and replace
  • Repair and resurface
  • Total reconstruction


We provide mechanical street sweeping services to quickly and efficiently clear all types of debris from roads and gutters. Street sweeping is an important part of preventing storm water pollution, along with making streets and roads safer and cleaner.

We use sweeping to keep our sites clean and safe. Regularly sweeping roads reduces skidding, sliding and tire damage; all things that can lead to accidents. It also prevents rocks and other debris from getting trapped in the underside of vehicles.

We have the right sweepers for the right job, and that meet Australian standards. We provide sweeping for all types of surfaces and work with private property owners, both residential and commercial, as well as local municipal.