Asphalt (hotmix)

Asphaltic concrete or hotmix as it is more commonly known is a semi flexible pavement product that can be used as a surface treatment in numerous situations, including:

  • Rural & residential driveways
  • Rural roads
  • Urban & residential streets
  • Highways
  • Sub-divisions
  • Footpaths and cycle tracks (and we also provide trip-hazard reduction)
  • Traffic control devices (speed humps and chicanes, etc)
  • Car parks
  • Airport runways
  • Stadiums and Sporting facilities
  • Tennis, basketball and netball courts
  • BMX tracks and Velodromes
  • All-weather wheelchair access for school grounds

Asphalt, in its most basic form, is a combination of coarse and fine aggregates, filler and bituminous binder. Produced in a batching plant, asphalt is a hot product, explaining why it is also called hotmix. Overseas countries can also refer to it as Tarmac or Blacktop.

In most cases asphalt is laid using a specialised paver however in small tight areas it can be laid by hand. Compaction is gained with the use of vibrating rollers or other forms of compacting equipment.

The completed surface is a dense homogeneous surface with a texture generally ranging from smooth to mat texture depending on aggregate sizes within the mix design.

An asphalt pavement is overlaid as part of a periodic maintenance program when the condition of the existing surface requires the application of a new layer of asphalt in addition to a correction course to repair pot holes or other deformation that may exist. This will restore one or more of the functions of the original asphalt mat and provides a new surface on which vehicles run and re-water proofs the pavement.

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